July 8, 2020

Questions on the Transhumanist Declaration

After reading some essays of Ray Kurzweil, indicating that this is indeed our next evolution shift: the merge of biology and technology, I found the following information, and It triggered some thoughts I'd like to share.


And dont miss chapter 2 (bodily functionality ):

Do you think that what will remain of us, without any biological part left, could be considered an evolution of the human race? I'd rather call it a flowing Back-up of it.
I strongly believe that the universe gave way to the biological form evolved into humans, under the very specific conditions of this planet with a purpose:  awareness. Getting rid of the system that makes life possible can not be part of our evolution as humans. Will we let technology replace life? I think real evolution will depend on looking after it and give it the value that it has, that is the challenge for our race, and the bases for further evolution.

Please see:

Other considerations :
- What reliable power will decide the "selected" legacy that will be input for the NEO/POST “human brain"?
- What kind of energy supply will power the non-biological parts?
Considering the actual energetic situation and the perspectives of "not needing a planet anymore" indicated on the declaration: is the plan to have a floating atomic energy station to fuel the “units”? I think we have seen enough movies!
Or better! the energy should come from the activity of the biological part left of the "Unit"! ...
I can very well imagine a living muscle contracting like a heart to generate electric impulse but for supporting this (as we'll have no planet), we should at least have some kind of hydroponic container... very sad! .

Taking it seriously, my conclusion is that this is not the beginning of our evolution as humans, this is the expression of our failure to deal with our human consciousness, we just can't handle the idea of death. This is the ultimate form of slavery and an exponential road towards self destruction. We somewhere, somehow, sometime lost the secret... and here we are, trying to get rid of our biology… let’s see how far we get (with no legs, and an individual cognition of digital means running along a digital highway powered by who knows what operating system).

It's time to be grateful to nature and stop fearing for death as death is a condition for life. We should thank both, life and death and honor all what died before to bring us to life “in this magic place, in this wonderful (and challenging) time”.

PLEASE, let us enjoy and experiencie all stages of our human existence.
Let us be born, grow, be adults, reproduce, get old and die, IN PEACE.

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