April 22, 2008


At this stage of the development of dance research and technology applied to scenic arts, I would say that “Choreoformography” has become a specific kind of design oriented to abstraction of the body and the merge of visual arts and dance. There have been many artists on the same line of research since Flora Martinez, my master, began her investigations in the 50’/60’ . Nevertheless, her creations remained unique due to her method of design related to the development of sculpture (and painting) and the possibility of movement and transformation within the forms she found.

I translated some press critics below, from the archive of Flora Martinez’s work, that will help to give a better idea of the term she used to name her investigation.

Le Matin 2/12/1977 (Lettres - Arts, Forum de la Danse, Paris)

"Flora Martínez, from the argentine group Koreia, invented the Choreoforms… they give us a show of painting and sculpture… from the colors of Paul Klee to the mobiles of Calder... Lines and volumes , matter in movement, a new meeting with the Spiritual in Art of which Kandinsky talked about”

La Nación - 17/11/1966

La Prensa - 15/1/1978

"The choreographies depart from the matter as a whole towards the different forms that are determined by the movement in a process of aesthetic transformations ruled by the interplay of energy and beauty. The creator (Flora Martinez) has defined with the name of Choreoformography the concrete manifestation of her research, introducing a new word in the artistic world …”

La Razón - 10/6/1988

"... the characteristic is the expression through pure forms that escape the frame of traditional choreography, producing in the onlooker an amazing visual effect and the creation of human sculptures on stage”.

Clarín - 18/12/1991

"The movements make use of all instances of light to express themselves and get close to the kingdom of dreams”

La Prensa – 11/12/1991

“The search of a plastic significance product of forms, colors and movement… mold a self coordinated system universe"


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