April 23, 2008

Efecto Invernadero (Greenhouse Effect)

Lithiaeum,contemporary dance andChoreoformography.

Choreography, design and dance:Marisa Quintela
Original music: Martín Ferres
Stage Managers:Caro Drughieri,Rocío de Belén

15 November 16:00 hs
National Ecological Forum 2008
Auditorium of the National Technological University (UTN-Avellaneda)

23 October
La Plata International Festival of Theater Dance
Sala Astor Piazzolla - 20:00 hs
Under de Auspice of the Dutch Embassy in Argentina

20 and 27 June 2008 20:30hs
for the Festival CoCoA 10! More info:

2-6 July Video Conference
at 22nd World Congress on Dance Research CID-Unesco (Athens)

With the support of Prodanza, Ministry of Culture of the Government of Buenos Aires and the Dutch Embassy in Argentina.

Each element/movement is functional to the whole and due to this functionality, also relative to the state and situation of the system.”

The piece is an investigation on recycling, use of resources and rational use of energy. An Investigation about the coexistence of the concrete and the abstract.

“Each element/movement is functional to the whole and due to this functionality, also relative to the state and situation of the system.”

Greenhouse Effect, inspired in the climate change, recycles artistic, stylistic and technical elements from the past into the eclectic contemporary art form. Its escenography is almost fully made out of recycled material. All lighting effects are made with four (less if possible) old spots from the 60’ties of 500 watts. This is a low Co2 emission piece which promotes hand-made work, recycling and rational use of energy.

Greenhouse effect is a contemporary dance piece where the concept of Choreoformography*, merges visual arts and dance in a poetic evocation of nature trough hand-made moving designs. The vital manual live lighting and scenic transformations in charge of the two stage managers interplay with the performer and designs to depart on a journey through the different energetic identities that rule the transformation of the elements of nature.

About the concept Choreoformography (brief historical background):

Choreoformography is a design technique based on Modern Visual Arts Applied to dance oriented to the total abstraction of the human body form. The concept is inspired mainly on the legacy of the Bauhaus movement in the field of experimentation on the scenic application of spatial arts and their relationship with movement (Oskar Schlemer & V.Kandinsky) and also Alwin Nikolais’ later on. Nevertheless, there is a significant difference with Nikolais work in the kind of design of Choreoformography*,more related to Calder's work.

See: "Choreoformography" below

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